DPA Gift Suite Pre Awards Sept. 17-19

We are in the Gift Suite organized by DPA at Luxeo Rodeo Drive Hotel, Beverly Hills.
Intersection between Brands and Cinema, DPA invites the nominees during Emmys week to the talent summer lounge to present original and emerging brands.

It gave us the opportunity to present the new wood feeder to nomineed actors and actresses:
we wait for stars to like it !

8 Things (Besides Awards) This Year's Emmy Nominees Took Home - - ELLE DECOR

Look at King Charlie, Mister Jennings, of Isabelle Fuhrman, seating proudly on our piedato furniture On Instagram


The Feeder has been lauched on  crowdfunding platform Kickstarter,  our campaign has been funded: the Feeder will soon be available also for you !

You can coordinate it with your interior furnitures, because it is available in 12 wood finishes so that you can present it in your living room.
The inside of the feeder is treated with finish of PTFE, usually used in our households for non-stick coating for pans and other cookware: the color is a grey anthracite very classy.
A wood top hides its function when needed.

The feeder, with 18 cm of diameter, is available in two sizes:
size 0: 5 cm high, adapted for cats and very small dogs or other small furry friends !
size 1: 8 cm high, adapted for small/medium dogs

Please note that the wood feeder is not available on the e-Shop, since it has just been launched.
If you are interested in the Feeder, please contact us through the form and ask for it, we will e-mail you as soon as it can be available.


The collection Petsmood offers house furniture for a new lifestyle with your pet, though preserving the balance and everyone sensibility. A design perfectly integrated in your interior, elegant and comfortable materials for your four-legged friend, and a winking and original approach that will attract your curiosity.

These petbeds are well designed, with real wood veneers, and stylish for fashionable furbabies. Misk Design, the company, wants to present a new approach to design, looking both at innovations and combination of functions and at our comfort, within an esthetic balance of emotions and rationality.

The furnitures

We have created 6 models of furnitures for fashionable pets with fashionables owners, available in 12 real wood veneers and fabrics.